Videos I liked This Week

Jeff Nippard, if you don’t know, now you know. I’ve been following this guy for a year or so and he just keeps getting better.


Picturefit, elegant in the simplicity, delightful in the… simplicity. This video was a good reminder to get some carbs after a work out which, being low carb and basically no carb Monday to Friday, I forget.


So I’m trying to understand The Moment Arm and how it relates to working out. This is the clearest video so far from the physics POV.


I feel like most people don’t know about the ratio of 3s to 6s so I’m including this video from The Run Experience.


And finally I’m just preoccupied with The Fyre Festival thing and I love Wisecrack so even though it has nothing to do with fitness I’m including this. The part I can’t get out of my head – and if you haven’t seen this or don’t know about the Fyre debacle this will make no sense – is when talk about how someone said “The Fyre fest did happen, it was that first promo shoot” and someone replies “That was a fantasy too though, the girls were just on a modeling gig.” And I was like holy fuck even the people trying to sell fantasies are buying their fantasies, replicas of their fantasies¬†and it’s just a rabbit hole from there…

Seventy Dollar Vegan Protein Powder Vs A Can Of Sardines

I’ve got a bag Iron Vegan Athlete Blend powder in the cupboard. It tasted like hippie-dirt-feet to me at first but I’ve come to like it. Eventually the taste buds start responding to things that are good for you because that’s what they’re there to signal, ultimately.

I got it for the Branched Chain Amino Acids and the Glutamine and I do feel like I’m recovering from work outs faster and better but I suspect I can reap all these benefits from a whole foods source with little effort. Enter my beloved daily can of sardines.

As you can deduce by that I’m not vegan but I have a lot of respect for vegans and vegetarians for their ethics and for, frankly, how much research they’re always doing.

So starting with the amino acids sardines win everything except valine. Although it only loses by 2 miligrams. Valine and it’s buddies leucine and isoleucine are the Branched Chain Amino Acids of lore in the bodybuilding world and a scoop of protein or a can of fish will give a decent amount.

The sardines however don’t contain any listed glutamine, of which Iron Vegan has 8 grams.

Glutamine is important because it – along with cysteine and glycine – is a precursor for glutathione and glutathione is so hot right now (as we pretend kids say) that people pay to get it injected by glorified beauticians. It’s supposedly the miracle of miracles fighting cancer and even just age but we athletes (and anyone who puts their body through a ton of acute stress like drunks and the simply hard working) need glutathione because it’s a powerhouse antioxidant and we have a ton of free radicals (the waste by-product of useful processes) running around our bodies fucking shit up.

Fish, along with meat in general, is listed as having glutamine but it’s hard to find any numbers. Let’s give a point to the Athlete’s Blend.

Now as a bonus sardines contain vitamin D, and selenium, both important mood boosters but selenium also helps the body produce and recycle the beloved glutathione. Point for sardines. Oh yeah, plus omega 3s for deducing inflammation. Gotta love those little fish.

Doing the math, which I’d never thought to do til now, Iron Vegan costs about $3.50 a scoop whereas canned fish cost between a buck eighty and two fifty around here. So the extra dollar or so for Athlete’s Blend nets me 10 grams more protein and 8 grams of glutamine. And don’t forget those 0.002 grams of valine.

So if you’re vegan you know what to do and if you’re not and the upfront cost of 70 bucks doesn’t fit your budget then sardines all the way but my motto is usually do both. You won’t risk overdoing it on any active ingredients by having both, neither is delicious and neither is overly filling so go to town.