Videos I Liked This Week

I learned about The Barkley 100 race, as I read about running I keep coming across more and more extreme and obscure races and this takes the latest cake. A 60 hour race based on the path of an escaped convict.


I love this video. Brooke calls it a bro session in the beginning and she’s so right, by the mid point of the lifts they’re acting like scratching, spitting, high fiving, heavy lifting bros and it’s great. It goes to show that being a good bro is gender neutral, everyone needs to bro out sometimes.


A classic Jeff this week


And I can’t think of any excuse as to why this is fitness related but there’s something important-feeling about this video about the skills gap and difference between beginners, spectators, and hardcore competitors. Maybe it relates to the Barkley 100 and how some races are for the true greats and other people just want to run short, flat, pleasant races with lululemon gift bags.

Mostly it’s just neat and I love a guided tour of a subculture I know nothing about.

Videos I liked This Week

I’ll check out any Crossfitters YouTube but it feels saturated and pointless now, looking right at ya Josh Bridges. Except for Jacob Heppner! Best Crossfit Youtube 2019.


Of Course Jeff. Doing a good Q&A so lot’s of info in one video.


I finally got around to working on my Nat Ham raise. There’s video of me attempting it coming soon…


and this video. This video could save lives. I actually about some of these studies on my previous all purpose not-just-fitness blog as a matter of fact but Kurzegast makes concise, entertaining, beautiful videos so just go subscribe. And support them on Patreon like I do.

Videos I liked This Week

Jeff Nippard, if you don’t know, now you know. I’ve been following this guy for a year or so and he just keeps getting better.


Picturefit, elegant in the simplicity, delightful in the… simplicity. This video was a good reminder to get some carbs after a work out which, being low carb and basically no carb Monday to Friday, I forget.


So I’m trying to understand The Moment Arm and how it relates to working out. This is the clearest video so far from the physics POV.


I feel like most people don’t know about the ratio of 3s to 6s so I’m including this video from The Run Experience.


And finally I’m just preoccupied with The Fyre Festival thing and I love Wisecrack so even though it has nothing to do with fitness I’m including this. The part I can’t get out of my head – and if you haven’t seen this or don’t know about the Fyre debacle this will make no sense – is when talk about how someone said “The Fyre fest did happen, it was that first promo shoot” and someone replies “That was a fantasy too though, the girls were just on a modeling gig.” And I was like holy fuck even the people trying to sell fantasies are buying their fantasies, replicas of their fantasies¬†and it’s just a rabbit hole from there…