Ugh, the macho bullshit advertising


I’m leaving aside the daintly little tennis playing fitmiss logo, I’m not a woman so I don’t need to offer insight into women’s issue and we all know the blah blah selling of unattainable beauty standards and blah blah male gaze sexiness of vulnerability. Those posts have been written. They teach them in college.

Yet no one seems to question the children’s toy style marketing of fitness to men.

The liberal use of words like Combat, Detonate, Explosive, the use of camo patterns and the bio-hazard symbol in fitness marketing.

It’s just a hook to get the douche bag dollar but it perpetuates the stereotype that fitness is full of douche bags. Which, it is.

What I see, and what I think is really stupid though is young guys, non-douchebags, adopting a douchey brosona when they start going to the gym.

The other night I saw three young scrawny guys at the gym spotting each other doing chest flys with 10 pound dumbbells while wearing jewellery and starting every. Single. Sentence. With “Yo!”

And I wish I could have paternally told them ‘shh, it’s okay, you don’t have to act like this, you don’t have to broadcast that you are what you think a gym guy is, no one gives a shit about you…’

It goes for everyone, you don’t have to live up to anything to be a gym-goer except go to the gym.

But guys are gullible and like to join cliques rather than think for themselves and that’s a great way to get money out of them.

Gym culture is kind of like a pyramid scheme. You need hundreds of useless entry levelers to make it viable for the people at the top. If everyone only paid what they needed to, used only the equipment they needed to, and bought the food and supplements that they really needed to – then the fitness bubble would pop. And the entire industry would a few rooms with barbells and creatine from the grocery store.