From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 4.2

Just keep your pull ups varied.

Practice pulling yourself side to side to train for Monkey Bars and Rings.


From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 2.2

Taking your vitamins also means not taking in anti-nutrients.

The best way to do it is to fill your kitchen with healthy foods and nothing else. Having boiled eggs and roasted pumpkin seeds on hand is good and so is getting rid of the breads and pastas.

Now something I found by accident when I went low carb is you have to eat a lot more food. A typical hamburger (which was my typical lunch) is like 400 calories and that’s a solid lunch, if you take away the bun and put all the contents in a bowl like a salad (my typical low-carb lunch) it’s about 100 calories.

A muffin is 300 to 500 calories and no one is satisfied with a muffin for meal. It’s calorie-dense and nutrient-poor. It’s fuel and if you don’t burn it you wear it. Around your belly.

Whereas you can eat 5 eggs and be full for a long time while benefiting from the protein, the fats, and the choline and still be under that many calories. So don’t be afraid that you’re eating too much when you’re low carb and you’re training – because it’s almost impossible.

From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 1.2

Okay team, the first videos of my Spartan Sprint series were totally off-the-top-of-my-head. You probably deduced that.

As I look back now I see motivation behind each exercise so I’m focusing on these ten things (10 because there’s a running video coming) and I’m going to expand and elaborate on them.

So… The number one exercise is still – Stay Inspired.


So two things on Inspiration this week.

One: take action when you’re inspired. Don’t just schedule something.

Like, you may be on the couch (literally or metaphorically) right now reading this and think yeah, I should do something… in fact I will do something… tomorrow I’m for sure gonna work out!

And you won’t. You gotta strike while the iron is hot, you gotta pick up the guitar while the song’s in your head.

So Make Moves Not Schedules.

Two: We were talking about being pissed off.

Anger is rarely a useful emotion, and even if this circumstance it can be dangerous. I’ve pushed too hard on a run and hurt myself because I was trying to vent anger. With all that caution though it can be a good thing to be pissed off.

Being pissed off is a great thing to bring to a work out as long as it doesn’t make you reckless.

And being pissed off at yourself for not being able to do a pull up may keep you trying to get that pull up. As long as the anger doesn’t turn inward and start telling you that it’s too late to get in shape – that’s bad anger. Let the anger tell you it’s not too late and you can fight. Fight against the decay.

Train well Spartan.

Videos I Liked This Week

Holy fuck this is a long one… thanks unemployment-induced agoraphobia.

Average guy learns to muscle up. Why is it great? For one, because he shows that daily persistence gets things done quicker than you’d ever expect and, two, he’s just so happy – so authentically happy for himself and his private personal accomplishment.


A reminder that I still love Jocko and that they way to deal with complainers is to empower them.


A heart-breaking video about the most hated and most sympathetic Bojack character. All this guy does is Bojack videos and it’s amazing how many amazing things he finds to talk about.


Can’t put Wes and Jocko next to each other or the sheer intensity would mutate all that we know forever. I watched a lot of Wes videos this week but I thought the First Day In video would be self-explanatory.


Now this is how I actually spent the whole week – One Hit Wonderland. I saw this video and I’d always wondered about this song and this band so I watched it and in the side bar was another song I remembered and….

I counted, I watched 44 videos from the One Hit series and two of his others. It’s more than 11 hours by my quick, rough math. Shame is the primary sign you have a problem with something and I’m sincerely ashamed of how much One Hit Wonderland I watched this week.


Of course some OCR vids


If you don’t watch Some More News you are garbage to me. I’d heard the term Qanon but actually had no idea what it was ’til now.


And this video feels related although I hadn’t planned that.


A follow up to a video I liked last week. Props to the… property guy… for engaging.


A nostalgic throw-back that came up in my side bar and oddly (or perhaps not oddly if YouTube has access to my Spotify) I’d been listening to Broken again because someone mentioned it on Twitter. And that’s how we rediscover beloved childhood albums in the 21st century.


…This song. Also a throw-back, I discovered Brian’s pre-Gaslight solo stuff during the time The Gaslight Anthem was my favourite band and now he’s a solo artist again and he’s still amazing. And damn handsome.

From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 9 (And a wrap up talk for the week)


It’s 3 minutes of the most basic plank tutorial and then 4 minutes of philosophizing about Inspiration V Motivation. At one point this video was 16 minutes long, I got a little rambly.

But I think it will resonate. Being a total beginner is great, you can do no wrong because everything’s an experiment, everything’s a learning experience, and you’re better off backing away than pushing through because you’re more likely to get injured. At some point though you transistion to being a late-stage beginner, still a beginner but it’s time to baby yourself a little less.

At first you use inspiration to build habits and once they’re built you use motivation to maintain them. Other than that I think I say it pretty well in the video…