Videos I Liked This Week

I didn’t do one last week because it was the first week of vacation, but don’t tell anyone…

So starting off with a great example of a quick, effective, anywhere work out. Like Jeff says in the video – lots of people think they don’t have the time, the equipment, the whatever to work out but really it’s an excuse. What they maybe don’t have is the knowledge, what movements to do and how to structure a work out so here you go.


Also, people might not know how to test themselves and their fitness or that testing is important. And girl’s got me beat on pull ups so now I have goal to test, thank you very much.


I’m still trying to find my perfect running form and the work outs that will help build it so here we go.


And getting away from work out stuff let’s talk depression! Hurray!

In this first video the bit about Isolating is what got to me. I’m a solitary person anyway but I can tell when I’m isolating for depressive reasons. Depressed people are horrible to be around, I tell myself, everyone will get sick of my shit and give up on me, I fully believe. I know that hanging out with people would be good for me but I don’t push myself to do it because I’ll just mope or be desperate or whatever and ruin things, better to be alone. I tell myself. Unhelpfully.


And why trying to brainwash myself out of depression makes it worse…


And just to end on a fun note; Blaire White settles the trans bathroom ‘debate’ with humour and rationality.


Videos I Liked This Week

So I’m still following Stephanie Buttermore’s journey and you should too. At first I found it heart breaking that she was worried about people not liking her for gaining some weight but now I know what she’s talking about. She’s gained 17 pounds and I’m sure there’s some fucking douchebags in her insta comments out to let her know how it impacts them.

I hope she’s happy, healthy, and safe forever the end.


This core work out is awesome and I do it all the time now


and Running Experience again, just talking ’bout running.

Videos I Liked This Week

I get to cover a lot of channels that I really like this week so strap in. First up, Picturefit breaking down some shotty reporting like a pro.


Second Kurgesagt (after a wall the pronunciation will be second nature) having an honest discussion about how unhealthy meat is. It’s got me aiming to eat a little less red meat.


Since I’m shouting out channels I’ll put this one next even though I was going to end with it because it’s not fitness… but here’s Some More News sucking it up to talk Israel/Palestine


And since I’m off the topic of fitness here’s a video that will make you feel bad about your childhood. Because my childhood is a wound I pick at constantly and the internet helps me do it.


And finally, funly, I’m tuning up for Spartan Race so I watched a bunch of these type videos

Videos I Liked This Week

Thanks to Jeff Nippard I’ve found a new fitness YouTuber I enjoy. There was some mention of body issues last week and coincidentally this week there’s a ton. I think about it often though and I think it’s really important stay emotional stable – in fact I’d be brave enough to say that most of the time on the fitness path you should feel emotionally positive – and to treat feeling bad as a warning sign. Being hardcore, being productive, getting somewhere doesn’t mean feeling like shit all the time. Just like in endurance work outs you want to keep your heart rate in a certain range for a certain effect, you should do the same with your enjoyment-vs-suffering range and 80 percent of your work outs, and your meals, and how you feel about yourself should be enjoyable or you need to adjust something.


This video touches on the same thing but in a weirder way. I found it heart-breaking that Steph is worried people won’t like her if she loses her six-pack. When you’re model-hot and YouTube famous the pressure to be perfect, and to always remain perfect, is clearly brutal. You can see that by gaining ten pounds she feels like she letting a lot of people down and she needs to inoculate them and herself against the disappointment, and just like the Buff Dudes video last week there’s no way of explaining the skewed perspective except to just know it’s there. Like, she’s still – and probably always will be – one of the most fit and gorgeous woman on the planet, not to mention she has a PhD and is clearly brilliant and seems super nice, but that just makes her more afraid and more aware of any perceived change.

If there’s a takeaway it’s that there is joy in obscurity.


And a video about how decent form is more important than challenge-stunts.

Videos I Liked This Week

Food Knowledge bitches, get your kiwis


I’m a big proponent of getting up early, I get soooo much done getting up at 5:30 and if I need to nap later no problem but if I just sleep til 8ish I get nothing done all day.


The official marathon video. And oooh is that my tattooed arm warming up at the start line?

No, it isn’t.


And this video, I know basically nothing about the band As I Lay Dying but I was moved by this video about the singer’s release from jail and the perspective shift he went through along with his bandmates reflections on how one person’s toxic behaviour ripples through the people around them and stays destructive for years.

Videos I Liked This Week

Starting with a sad one. I’ve watched Buff Dudes for a while and I saw the surgery and the recovery and now he’s all clear to start working out again. But it’s so clear he’s emotionally struggling, he mentions depression several times and the pep talk he’s giving the audience is really him talking to himself. It can be so much easier to be positive when giving advice to someone else than when we’re alone in our heads.


Tom Delauer of course, he does 3 or 4 videos a week I’m bound to like one. And this one it’s just ’cause he acknowledges that keto is trendy and talks about where to go from here. That’s practical non-optimism right there. Keto isn’t going to take over the world but it’s popularity will have done some good.



This chap I just found likeable. He’s clearly already very athletic if his first training run is 8 miles and he’s skiing all the time so his first marathon time is a good 3:30. There’s a recklessness that I like in the way he signs up and trains that takes the looming fear out of the marathon.


and of course of course What I Learned, the best videos on the Tube. Watch anything of his I swear.