Videos I Liked This Week

Training Nutrition vs racing nutrition. Because you should most often train hungry and thirsty to build resilience. Then race well fed and hydrated. If you always train well fed, on nice days or in air conditioned room, and always stop when you feel like it you’re not really developing.


The Dottir video makes me proud to be Icelandic and proud to be a woman. Neither of which I am.


This made me look at the wear on my shoes, looking good.


I’m preoccupied with Caster Semenya as any regular reader would know and I think this guy gets it right


And finally a sex worker talks about loneliness. I teared up.

It’s true that men use sex as validation and often as a last resort for seeking validation causing a lot of problems.



Great Video By Robert Lustig

Lustig wrote my favourite book The Hacking Of The American Mind, which is about the biological systems in us that are being exploited to sell us shit and leave us miserable.

This video is exclusively about food. He explains why a calorie is not a calorie, that yes sugar is uniquely bad for you, that obesity is a symptom not a cause of chronic disease and that 40% of people with metabolic disease are at a healthy weight, and that, shockingly, corporations and the government are more concerned about money than your health.

If you’re in the mood for a long watch here you go:

Videos I Liked This Week

I’m going throw this one in first because it’s just a quick little thing that bothers me. Haley is clearly unconscious and possibly in medical danger and there’s no reason for the announcers to weirdly deny that and try to convince the watching audience that this is situation normal. Part of me is worried for her and part of me is like, hardcore girl.


I’ve been into the research on long runs and health for a few weeks now, as a watcher of this post would know, and I like that Run Experience got into it. Especially the helpful bit that your long run should be 10% of your weekly mileage, not just one big blow out. Which I’m guilty of, because you gotta be hardcore.


Keeping the running going I watched a garbage bag worth of Ben Parkes videos this week. I picked this one ’cause I think it’s the one where he pukes in the bushes. Gotta be hardcore.


A video supporting my previous suggestion that everyone should take creatine and helpfully solving the 2g or 5g problem I’ve been having.


And finally, this family is selling their house…

Videos I Liked This Week

Self-diagnosis hurray. Seriously though I love finding out the connections of the human body and how things manifest in different areas.

Thomas here makes one of the most important points in the field and it’s something me and Jay talk about every time, start incrementally. If you don’t read everyday, don’t think you’re going to suddenly read two hours a day. You’ll do it excitedly once or twice then fall off. Go for 15 minutes.

What I think happens is people look at the early steps of a process and think they could do it so they consider it done and then start actually doing stuff from the middle of the process where it gets challenging. Problem being you’re setting yourself up to go into a challenge unprepared.

An example to clarify: Most running programs start with two miles. Someone looks at that and thinks I can already run two miles so I won’t bother with that one and start at week four where it’s 6 miles. Then they hurt themselves or just quit because it’s hard. It seems dumbly obvious but the most important thing is to make step one step one, don’t make step one figuring out which steps you’re going to skip.


This video is mostly just fun. She does nail that sense at the end of a run that mile markers are getting further apart though and the deepening dislike you feel for a race until you can see the finish line and then the heights of love for it. And that math is hard.


Because I, like everyone, struggle with going slow. It’s nice to get a ballpark heart rate and duration for what constitutes a recovery work out.


And this. Because I made it for fun.




Videos I Liked This Week

Starting with the history of the treadmill, which made me laugh because, while I love treadmills, I get it some people hate them and this will make them laugh.


Down that same rabbit hole I found the best video on how muscle work I’ve seen so far


And two videos from The Run Experience. In the first one she said the thing about not overdoing with the antioxidants and I was like wha, I never heard of such of a thing so I looked up that video too. Careful not to take thousands of milligrams of antioxidants after a workout people.


I also watched like 85 Steamed Ham videos yesterday but I’ll spare you.

Videos I Liked This Week

I’m going to start with the video I’m watching right now, trusting it’ll be great because it’s featuring the authors of one my absolute-recommended books Brave Athlete.


Now I’m putting this next video up top because it’s the greatest thing in all history and forever. Civilization is complete, we’ve achieved our great work and this is it.


There’s tons of Boston Marathon stuff coming across my desk right now (The run is tomorrow) and of course although I never wanted to go until I watched all these videos (I watched like a dozen but I’ll spare you most of them) and now it’s bucket list.


I love thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy and I used to think that the secret to a great life was inverting it – sacrificing everything on the lower levels to chase your dreams but of course I was wrong. Attacking something big from a position of no stability is a recipe for injury. In lifting as in life, that’s my great new motto.


And possibly related to all that youthful instability I mentioned, here’s a great video on the signs and pitfalls of conflating infatuation and love. Oh lordy the sighs this dragged up… I was going to say show your children but I don’t know if you could teach this to someone who hadn’t gone through it though. Wisdom is wasted on the old.


Videos I Liked This Week

I drink ACV and honey before bed for better sleep so including a shot of it on a fasting day wouldn’t be too hard.



Just a reminder to scan yourself, to be mindful, when running. Don’t zone out, zone in.


Okay this where it gets real. I’m generally against wearables, I think they’re a con convincing people that the money and time they spent is taking the place of discipline and effort.

But I’m also deeply interesting in recovery because I go on very long runs and might be in the hole for a week after yet feeling guilty for not running that week, and I’m really interested in how my physically demanding job is effecting work outs and recovery. Some days my job is active rest, some days it’s a tabata, and there have been days where I’ve felt the same as days I’ve run a half marathon. I’d like an objective sign when work has been hard enough that I should take it easy just so I know I’m not making excuses.

What to do, what to do…


and a great April fools video from Jeff’s alter-ego. I was amused the whole time but the line like “This is true for dumb bell curls, barbell curls, cable curls, all the exercises you can think of…” really cracked me.