Videos I Liked This Week

This is the kind of week it’s been. Every once in a while I fall down a rabbit hole trying hip hop I like and come across a gem like this.

I could write paragraphs about how I think this relates to body positivity and how being invisible unless being explicity celebrated is good-but-not-great (which I was just rambling about at the coffeeshop) but really it’s just a fun song and can be treated as such.

Except for Lil’ Dicky. Why is he on fucking everything?

I promise there’s serious videos toward the end of the list…


And mash ups. I love a great mash up.


And a nostalgia binge. I loved this game as much as Cap and I tried to track down my copy earlier this year to no avail.


The horror of how easy it is to pick a lock.


Okay, into the serious stuff – in other words the long videos.

A Some More News that I can finally show my Libertarian friends.


This articulates what I think about Dave Rubin. I liked him when I discovered him through Sam Harris but eventually Dave just seemed like an insincere petty douche bag when talking about THE LEFT, (which is one infinite-headed gender-neutral hydra to annoying people) and irrational supportive and glad-handing when talking to about the right (which is a multi-faceted patience and free speech rainbow to be people who are trying too hard to be open minded).


This video because while I find the OK BOOMER portion of the culture wars interesting it’s also when someone says they liked the meme yesterday and felt it kind out played and died this morning. We’re finally at that point in a culture.


Some actual fitness related stuff… always an after thought on the video portion of this supposed fitness blog.

I like this video because the treatment for depression isn’t to get up and get excited about your life and live your dream and shoot your shot and instagram – it’s to get your fucking blood work done.

No amount of cheer-leading and support and platitudes is going to break a cycle of depression if your depression is hormonal. Emotions – All emotions – are downstream of your biology. If it’s out of whack you have to fix that first.


And I love it when two different sports try each other’s shit and rather than be played for cheap laughs (Bodybuilders try pole-dancing! Thousand LOLS how silly!) they respect and appreciate each other.


And finally this guy. This simple rural Russian with millions of views. The forgettable miracle of the internet is that the extremely normal lives of extremely different people are now available to us and can give us a sense of wonder.

Videos I Liked This Week

Discovered another fantastic prison YouTuber. She’s half totally normal white chick who loves cooking tips and sales & half train-wreck-life drug survivor. She had a baby IN PRISON, that’s a story I can’t hear anywhere in my normal life.


Just posting this because Blaire is trans and Blaire agrees with me.


Happy Halloween. I like videos about supernatural stuff that aren’t cynical but also aren’t mystical – I think it’s possible to be neither. Because neat stuff is real, it’s just not magic, but it is real, and spooky, but not magic. But that doesn’t make it not-neat. Just not supernatural. You idiot.


Now You Know.


I like this video because Arnold – one of the biggest movie stars of all time and an elected politician – talks about these roles like they’re just neat stuff he’s done. Like he has no ego and he’s reminiscing with buddies.


Two fitness history videos in a row by coincidence.


I like this video because she’s making it in response to people asking to look a certain way, to show that beauty trends will come and go so not to worry too much and be healthy and happy while you can.


This video 100% just for when he says Fight Or Flight turns your legs to Jello. Crisis hormones are actually fucking horrible. Last time I almost got in a fight I was aware intstantly of how weak I suddenly felt and I was like thanks body, that’s the opposite of everything I need right now, if you want to survive this you should be making me more stable not less. Dick.


And this because Sam Harris talks about it. “Traditional” martial arts and traditional anything need to get thrown up against non-complimentary opponents. Nothing should be sacred, if something is good – and idea or a fighting style or a recipe – it fearlessly be presented against challenges and it should win. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t.

Videos I Liked This Week

This video is right and wrong, virtuous and guilty. Virtuous in that it’s correct about how we see radicalization occur, guilty in the fact that it blends everyone it doesn’t like into being Alt-Right.


Two interesting music videos this week


This video got me because I’ve been hearing a lot of “Work Out” music lately and it’s all the kind of tasteless, vaguely uplifting stuff he’s talking about but it does it’s job.


Watch any video by Like Stories Of Old. Any.


Staying philosophical…


And fascinating human nature


Some actual fitness stuff, what a shock


And this I must confess that I’m posting because it’s like admitting I was wrong. I read about the study from Malcolm Gladwell and just assumed the conclusions were true.

Videos I Liked This Week

“I have good ideas but trouble executing” My first reaction is: how do you know they’re good ideas?

If you think you look good in a shirt but never wear it in public does it matter that you think you look good in it? If you just want to look in the mirror and see someone with good ideas you can do that, but what it really means is you’re not confident they’re truly good and would stand up to scrutiny.


Man, barbecue lighters are fucking neat.


And this is how I discovered that hombre’s channel:


This is why I watch Todd. In a video for a song I’d never heard he gives a shocking history lesson about how we almost didn’t have to put up with Justin Bieber.


Just a neat video about Japan


I have been desperate to try a salmon ladder since I first saw one


Z Press. I love finding simple ways to make lighter weights more effective since I’m working out at home.


And we’ll end with some good old Earth Is Dying.


From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 10.3

Thou Shall RUN.

Running is the most important part of Spartan and often the most neglected.

Lots people hate running just because they’re bad at it but you know what? You’re probably pretty bad at sex too and it’s not stoppin’ ya. Or at least stopping you from trying.


I’m writing this on the fourth day of Fall which means that winter is upon us in Canada, and I’m headed indoors to my beloved treadmill.

This wraps up another 2 week segment of Spartan Training Videos. I like to leave big gaps between the segments so I’m not putting an overwhelming amount of ideas out there. Like, if someone says here’s 10 suggestions 5 might stick, if someone says here’s 50 none will stick.

So if and when I get another handful of ideas I’ll do this again in a while. Til then, Stay Strong Spartan and Leave No Doubt.



From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 8.3

Thou Shall Pull…

All the other motions that aren’t up.

If I had any foresight when I started this serious I wouldn’t have ended up with 10 things. I did everything excitedly off-the-top-of-my-head and then just had to live with it, like everything I do.

Pull ups and Pulling All The Other Directions are not that different, but in Spartan they will serve different purposes, like the difference between monkey bars and sled drags.

Plus it’s a good opportunity to move explosively and train the fast twitch muscle fibers.