The Things You Do Right Now Will Someday Be The Reason You’re Dying

So me and all my life long friends are now within striking distance of being 40 year old men. And as much as we still talk like young fatalists it’s no longer statistically true that death is out there and going to arrive suddenly some random day in the undiscovered country of the distant future; no it’s almost certain that our deaths are with us right now in the form of our behaviour and someday a doctor will be telling us our chance of survival in numerical percentage and we will flash back to right now.

Everybody, especially dudes, relies on the ‘fact’ that you could get hit by a bus and by implication die as a way of pretending that death is just a roulette wheel that’s always spinning and all causes and likelihoods are equal.

And when you’re young that’s actually true. Young men die in accidents and by violence a lot but once you’re north of 35 it starts to narrow and narrow and generally now there a just 4 things we are likely to die of: Heart disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Metabolic disease. Each of those things covers a wide range in themselves but it all amounts to one thing – we are going to be informed by a doctor in a office when we are officially, really for real, dying. And they will explain the things that we’ve been doing for years or done all our lives that are causing it.

Somethin’ to look forward to.

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