Don’t Start Your Diet & Exercise At The Same Time

Diet and exercise, Diet and exercise, Diet and exercise, for advice-givers of all tiers diet & exercise is the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

And when you’re up and inspired to get your shit together diet and exercise are two piles of shit you’re going to want to put in your shit backpack. But, importantly, they are not the same pile of shit.

They go hand-in-hand, they’re symbiotic, there’s no point in having one without the other but don’t think you need to perfect both all at once when it’s motivation time.


  1. The bigger the change the more likely the change back. If you become your best self (TM) all at once you will most likely give up being your best self all once as well.
  2. You don’t know shit about either thing and learning both at once will seem overwhelming
  3. Your image of eating right (TM) is not eating. From just cutting out sugar to full blown sufferfest joyless broccoli and rice every meal, people always think good eating is about what you don’t eat

And that’s where the worst shit happens. For one, if you’re working out, and especially if you’re new to working out, you need to be fueling up. You don’t take on a bunch of new duties at work then also take a huge pay cut or lose a bunch of staff. More work requires more power to do the work and in this case it’s eating that powers the work. People think it’s all about grit because grit is a character trait you can tell yourself you’ll have when you need it but grit will not turn a good work out into bigger muscles, only food does that.

And for the junk food that you know you should give up anyway? It’ll go away on it’s own later, I promise. In the meantime don’t give up something that brings you comfort when you’re taking on something that pushes you out of your comfort zone.

Once you’re working out a lot you’ll have to start eating more foods that are ‘good’ because they’re beneficial (fats, fibre, and protein) rather than ‘good’ because they’re engineered to be tempting (i.e, carbs in colourful package), plus you’ll notice what makes your body actually feel good as opposed to just that it feels good to get something that’s tempting. I’ve seen it in myself – the best a package of cookies will ever make you feel is when they’re in your cart at the grocery store it’s all subtle disappointment after that.

But that’s a concern for the future, like I said if you’re new to working out and you’re used to eating lots of cookies go ahead and keep eating lots of cookies. If people were only allowed to do things the best and smartest way possible we’d never be able to start anything.

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