No idea who this random guy is or who took this photo, I saw it because it comes up if you’re searching for ‘men’s tank top fashion’, but man this is so exactly how I aspire to look.

Except the glasses, I guess, and maybe the gold chain but even that’s kind of winning me over.

But really if I was going to pick someone to be my Fitspo idol (I should explain that Fitspo is a jokey internet term for Fitness Inspiration) I’ve discovered it’s Marlon Brando in Street Car:

Tank top tucked in again… still can’t imagine doing that. I can’t imagine tucking any shirt really unless I’m wearing a suit.

But yeah when I saw this photo (on that same google search just looking at photos of guys in tank tops to see how I might accessorize when I wear one – and yes it’s embarrassing to type that) I was instantly struck by it. Like, if I were still a teenager I’d be walking around for a week wondering if I was gay because of this photo.

And after seeing this photo was when I was like oh god, I thought I was doing fashion but I’m actually doing Fitspo! I’m susceptible to Fitspo and must die. Which is how I react to absolutely everything I think typical people do. I google-image-search tattoos and fashion and most of the photos I see are from pinterest but the idea that I would ever go on pinterest is like the idea I’d ever shit on a dinner plate.

But after looking at Brando I looked at a bunch of modern celebrities shirtless photos and typical Fitspo stuff and was never impressed. So I think a big part of it is just that it’s Brando in Streetcar and it’s got massive classic cool vibes. And I was thinking he must simply have, by genetics, the perfect shoulder-to-hip ratio or something like that but the all-knowing internet couldn’t tell him Brando’s measurements at time of filming.

And that’s the story of how I enjoyed looking at pictures and then thought for a week about how I enjoyed looking at pictures.

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