For people who don’t want to eat ‘too much’ meat

This train of thought came from being asked what I’d tell someone who wants to get enough protein but simply “doesn’t like to eat a lot of meat.”

So the first thing is, I imagine a sliding scale of what people think of when we talk about meat. I know someone who says they don’t eat ‘much’ meat and eats chicken two meals a day. There is, although illogical, a different intuition about red meat so maybe someone who doesn’t like a lot of meat just means they don’t want to eat red meat while chicken and fish are still fine.

Which is good because I, notoriously, think everyone should eat a can of sardines daily. Selenium, calcium, vitamin D, B12, and 20 grams of protein – sardines are the best multi-vitamin there is. Chicken… meh, take it or leave it.

Now, if you want to eat a lot of fish you need to eat a lot of small fish. Hence sardines. The ocean is a toxic shit-hole and heavy metals are cumulative – small fish contain a bit of mercury from the water while big fish contain a lot of mercury because they eat numerous little fish.

And lastly you have to decide how you feel about dairy and eggs. If your concerns about meat are ethical then you should give up eggs and cheese too because the animals producing those aren’t treated any better than animals that are slaughtered. Factory farms are also toxic shit-holes. The world is mostly toxic shit-holes all the way down.

Eggs contain a lot of good stuff though, I should say. Eggs are really good for you and if your concerns aren’t ethical, and you aren’t egg intolerant which is a real thing, then go for it. Keep some peeled hard-boiled eggs in water on hand as a snack.

Now, I think people should be having a vegan protein shake every day regardless of if they eat red meat, white meat, fish, eggs, or are totally vegan. Most adults are losing muscle every year, most concerns about getting too much protein actually come from nitrates and fats from animal products, and plant-based proteins are also going to contain fibre – also a thing people commonly lack – so a vegan shake is just another good daily thing.

And if you are, or want to be, fully vegan and don’t want to have shakes then be prepared to eat A LOT of food. Huge bowls of lentils, chickpeas, beans, lots of nuts and seeds. You know what vegan and eats to support muscle? Cows. You know what cows do all day? Chew.

So to summarize: Decide what meat you don’t want to eat, prioritize fish if you do want to eat meat, get a B12 supplement if you don’t, have a vegan protein shake regardless.

I guess I should say something about taste too. The thing is, taste only matters if you’re eating for taste, if you’re eating for health and you don’t like how something tastes then just eat it faster. Scurvy don’t care if you don’t like limes, sailor. Fish taste like fish and vegan food tastes like a soccer field, even if you truly truly hate it it’s still just 3 minutes out of your whole day.

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