Making My Own Dip Bar Set From The Hardware Store

I’ve wanted some of these for a while. For dips because I’m working on my chest and for inverted rows because I imagine them being sooo satisfying.

So here’s the store bought version that I wagered, correctly, would cost more than I really wanted to pay for them:

And sure enough, I looked up the price and thought yeah, there’s no way they’re worth that.

And here’s what I wound up after a trip to the hardware store:

And what were the costs…?

Store bought: 139.99 (after tax 146.99)

Home made: 140.47

Greatest. Economic. Mind. Of. Our. Time.

They feel a teeny tiny bit unstable and they make your hands black even though I’ve wiped them down a bunch already but, you know what, I love the way they look and feel and it was so fun to make them. I would have resented the 140 bucks I’d spent on the ugly store bought ones whereas I feel quite nice about the 140 I spent for the ugly homemade ones.

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