I Do Deal With Good Customers Too

I know that I inadvertently give the impression that I hate my job. It’s just that there’s nothing to dig into and talk about when it comes to good customers.

New runners hungry for advice, experienced runners trading advice or talking about upcoming shoes, just nice people in general, very occasional babes.

But what more do you say about that? It wouldn’t be bragging per se because it wouldn’t inspire envy to be like I had a good day at work. In fact times I’ve mentioned having a good day people are pleasant and encouraging, that’s not the response you get if what you’re doing is bragging. But it’s still a pointless thing to share. It’s sometimes tedious to be told someone is having a god day because it’s really annoying if you’re not.

When I talk about shitty customers I’m trying not to merely complain either. Because obviously that’s pointless and annoying too. I’m trying to dissect the situation to see if I’m at fault or if I can learn anything even about just not being a shitty person. And if I can learn then I can share – That’s blog worthy – or not worthy per se but it causes things to rattle around my head and necessitate writing.

And there are absolutely times when I’m just coming clean because I know I was the shitty one in a situation.

But back on the topic of good customers, something I should mention is that I rely on good customers. I put in a lot of emotional work into not staying angry, not reminding myself to stay pissed off long after a situation is over, not believing in bad days only bad minutes. So after a garbage customer or boss interaction I leap into the next encounter deliberately believing it’s going to go well.

And most often what happens at work is disappointment rather than any kind of confrontation. It’s odd when you say it but the majority of Running Room customers are not runners. It’s actually rare that I get to deal with runners and actually get to use the expertise I’ve been building.

And I can avoid the bad day/bad life feeling when dealing with problems but dealing with the pointlessness of ferrying grandma shoes puts me in a self-hating spiral, bringing out increasingly worse versions of me. So like I said, I cherish the good customers I get. Sometimes I think it’s just my elitism that I resent dealing with people there for non-athletic reasons but at the same time, a lot like working in kitchens, it’s also that I hate being merely a body. So of course I value when I get to be me and bring something I’ve worked hard for to the conversation.

Really, a good customer is just one that’s receptive to advice. Often times people want the advice they already think and can get upset if you give them something else – which sucks because the deliberate and accidental swirling misconceptions around shoes are legion.

Actually a long time ago, thinking about how I could take action to improve my job satisfaction, I started putting up infographic posters in the store thinking maybe I could sneak some facts into people’s heads and stop dealing with the same misconceptions over and over but no luck so far.

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