Sleep Cues

I’ve written in the past about my hunger cues. In fact, the lack thereof. And even though I’ve written it I still get annoyed about it. I have to deduce that I’m hungry like a detective – am I quickly irritated, do I feel unmotivated yet antsy? And then I have to do the math of how long since I’ve eaten to know that I should eat. I wish I could get a signal while I’m still in a good mood that it would be a good time to eat.

And as I was thinking about that I got thinking about how I do have good sleep cues.

I can stop for a second, take a self scan and go I could sleep, 10 minutes ought to do. And then go lay down and fall asleep. Almost anytime, almost anywhere.

I know so many people who are really tired but they’re not sleepy. They’re physically and neurologically in need of sleep but they don’t have the mental and emotional awareness. So they fall asleep as soon as they sit still for a while like watching Netflix or in the passenger seat.

And because they don’t feel like going to sleep they think they can’t sleep, so they keep their phone in hand and/or laptop open visually blaring one of their comfort shows.

Maybe you’re not actually hungry, you’re tired; maybe you’re not actually bored, you’re tired; maybe you’re not actually existentially depressed, you’re tired. So sleep.

If I skip some sleep I end up doing nothing anyways. I’d stay up late and get up early then just zone out on twitter for all the hours that I might as well have slept in.

But if I sleep in uncontrolled my routine falls apart so there have been days where I’ve gotten up and done my while morning routine and then gone back to bed.

A friend mentioned a while ago that as people age they need less sleep, which I’d never heard before and turns out is a myth. What’s true is that as people age they’re more susceptible to sleep problems and they merely adapt to it. According to Daniel Levitin in Successful Aging that loss of sleep is mistaken for cognitive decline much more and much sooner than a person is actually mentally declining with age.

Everything else about sleep hygiene you already know so go take a nap

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