Consistency Is The Priority

I know 2020 was a weird year, an easy year to not be consistent – or to excuse one self for not being consistent at least.

Because actually the best part of the year for me – in terms of consistency and fitness – was the lockdown here in Calgary. The store closed, I got the CERB, I worked out twice a day. Which is what I always said I’d do if I could get paid for nothing.

But after that with the re-open it got chaotic. Nothing was ever settled enough I could build a routine around it. I just figured out each day but there was no way a day fit into the larger context of a week or a week into a month and everything felt like limbo.

And my goals for last year – to be Tidy & Prompt – slipped all over the place. I was my best self in a lurching and sputtering way.

So to start the new year off my goal for 2021 is Consistency. Because consistency is the meta skill that makes all the other skills work.

And, as I’ve said before, you gotta standardize before you can optimize. It’s better to have an imperfect daily work out routine that you’re trying to improve than a bunch of notebooks full of weekly routines you should be doing and hate yourself for not.

It does tie-in to my desire last year to be Prompt. Procrastination is my worst habit that will go away if I just stop doing it. Like, you can be a dry drunk and still have a fuck ton of problems but if you can stop stopping yourself from doing thing then you’re fine.

There are other specific things I want to do this year but life is more about what one doesn’t want to do. Because ultimately we all want to do everything. We want to be everywhere. Living is about figuring out what isn’t worth it. You can’t be an astronaut and a world class ballerina.

And all I really know for certain currently is that I don’t want to drift. Even in inconsistent times I can be a consistent person with a little focus, with just gentle self-reminders.

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