YouTube Recommendation: JimmyTheGiant

Jimmy and I have something in common, something odd for dudes who don’t skateboard, we LOVE old school skate videos.

Also we’re into parkour and we’re not good at it but that’s actually less important than the skate videos.

So how I got into James’ channel is thus: I saw this video

And I was like, hey Liv, didn’t you tell me you saw some professional tag? Was this it?

And she was like, no, this is it

And then because I had both those things in my watched list YouTube introduced me to this video

And from there I ended up watching a bunch of videos because Jimmy, as he says in a video, is doing for parkour what those old California skate videos did – exploring the whole history and the culture rather than just showing dope clips.

I’ve love rockstar biographies and documentaries as well, for my whole life and I learned when I fell into the rabbit hole of watching Epicly Later’d (Vice’s series on skateboarder with addiction problems, bane of spellcheck) that I was like man, I’ll watch anything where young, go-nowhere dudes have a great group of friends and a get to hang out doing a thing they all love and then some of them get tragically famous and it all goes off the rails.

And we’re not the only ones who see a rhyme between how skate works and how parkour could work, and of course how business corrupts:

And how a group of dreamer kids thinking they can do better always learn it’s not that easy and purity doesn’t do good business:

It all comes from a desperation to belong. To belong to a band or a skate team or be some parkour bums, just anywhere super closeknit friends are all passionate about the same thing.

Otherwise you’re always in negotiation, getting to be a little bit of yourself sometimes only in exchange for being the person other people want you to be most of the time.

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