What Are The Next Steps In My Career

Things are rolling along at The Running Room, it’s not just putting out fires anymore and there’s time to plan ahead.

So of course I’m thinking about what I like about the job and what I don’t; what I want to learn here going forward and importantly – going forward to where?

Because I hope “managing a Running Room” isn’t my answer to what I’m doing at 40.

As for what I like about the job, it’s of course the teaching. It’s what got me started here in the first place. Fitness is my expertise and running is my specialty within that expertise.

When I imagine my dream job it’s more like working at a gait analysis place. So if I had to get some more education I’m sure it’d be kino or physio.

Which means I’d being going as far back as having to get Math 30. And I have no clue what math I topped out for maths at school but I feel like I sank below the pure math stream in like, the sixth grade.

So, a long term plan is what we’d have there. Good. Long term plans are comforting because there’s a ton of steps before you do any of the hard parts.

But really, since I’ve been dying to get some professional running analysis since before the lock down, the real first step is to go have conversations with people in the industry and ask what helped and what hurt on their path.

And then steal it ALL.

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