How Work Is Going


That could be the whole blog, and I’m merely writing this to get a lot of little, boring-to-others, things off my chest so I don’t talk too much about myself socially.

So for those who don’t know, I work at The Running Room in Westhills. I got hired as a running coach before the COVID layoffs and made enough of an impression to be brought back as full time defacto manager afterwards.

There’s been a lot of chaos getting set up and running (no pun, fuck off) with new procedures and stuff but me and the other full time defacto manager have it on lock because it’s he and I opening, working all day doing everything, and closing. So the store is just ours. And we get lots of practice at every little thing.

What’s really great though is I’m starting to see my stated goal achieved. I’m in 100% give a shit mode when it comes to shoes and I’ll spend an hour with someone trying stuff on and talking it out. And what I wanted was for that to be appreciated, to be seen bringing excellence to something I can bring excellence to. And everyone leaves happy and grateful when they’ve dealt with me anyway but lately I’ve started getting phone calls and emails thanking me specifically.

I had a guy today assume I’m studying kinesiology because I’m so particular about movement and shoes and orthodics. Which I take as a massive compliment.

Just like with run-coaching, my goal is to build trust and rapport and feel that I’ve done good. And a lot of people buying shoes are either starting out and feel overwhelmed or are injured and those are easy home runs for me to feel helpful and useful and good.

And occasionally you get the very serious runner and we get to have a very serious running talk and it’s awesome.

Because getting the right person into the right shoe is like a puzzle or a video game and it can be really fun to get to a good answer from very little information. And it’s awesome to so-well know the tools at my disposal and what the trade-offs of each shoe are.

And then with people I’ve really found it’s just time. People want to feel heard when buying shoes just like they want to be heard in every aspect of life . So you listen and show that you’re listening and be thoughtful and honest – again, just everything else in life.

There’s no such thing as going above and beyond when your stated goal is to do good in people’s lives with your abilities. There are no extra miles, just the miles that need to be run or don’t need to be run.

Which is why for all my gung ho, Wes Watson, Jocko Wilink, bullshit in one area it shocks my co-worker that I’m so lackadaisical in others. Like, he’s so extremely procedural and rule-following and teacher-pleasing – no, teacher-fearful – that he cannot compute when I don’t do something that I don’t see the why of.

Which has made us a really good team. I have another blog in draft about my bad habits at work the dichotomy of my super give a shit in some areas and complete no-fucks-given-mocking-those-who-care in others so I’ll wrap this up. But yeah, works going great.

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