I’ve Been Vlogging

Mostly shirtless.

So I haven’t written much lately for lack of ideas and doing way too much other internet stuff but I have been vlogging every day after my run as a way of keeping accountable and as a place to put the things that seem to go through my head over and over while running – or at least that was the intent, my mind always seems to go blank when I turn the camera on and then the next day during the run the same looping thoughts turn up again and I’m like oh right, I wanted to say that in the vlog…

A symptom of the vlog is I never know what day it is when I start filming, nor do I check when uploading so I’m usually wrong. I finally did check my Strava and deduce that I’m on day 22 of running every day and like, day 18 of vlogging afterward.

And I’m almost always shirtless so enjoy.

And in one I’m eating eggs so I apologize, that’s gross.

I think in, like, two of them I’m drunk. So look out for that I suppose.

In one I’m naked.

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