Making The Most Of My Post-Run Time

I noticed that no matter what time it is, my day ends when my work out ends.

So naturally I started getting things done before my work out; and then tried to get everything done before my work out; and then discovered nothing was getting done.

I need the energy of the run to motivate the behaviour before the run but if I try and stack too many things before then I get analysis paralysis. And I need the energy of the run to cascade into the rest of the day but if I relax and recover right away I also end up getting nothing done. Like, the day just ends.

Because I come home from a run, take a hot shower (because a hot shower encourages blood flow and that promotes healing, whereas a cold shower constricts blood flow and will halt the training benefits), and eat. And of course while eating I want to watch something so I’m relaxed from the shower, food in hand, and staring at a screen, and – most powerfully perhaps – feeling justified in relaxing for a while.

Then 5 hours go by.

I get couch-locked.

Anything I planned on doing becomes something I’m going to do… then gradually I admit it’s become something I was going to do.

Then today two things happened. One, my run was very short, on my schedule it’s an easy, recovery type day before a big day tomorrow. Two, I ran into some friends. I talk about this on the Friday Fitness Youtube Channel as well so I won’t repeat myself in writing but needless to say, in this time of isolation, it was extremely invigorating to see and talk to people from the way life used to be.

I came home vibrating. And I wanted to do something. I didn’t want to relax and recover, I didn’t need to relax and recover.

Thus I banged out all the unscheduled, aimless, should-dos of the day.

I believe every day needs uptime and downtime, action and recovery. And I know people fuck it up. They stay jacked up on screens and caffeine and noise and dopamine and they try to fight through being tired or bored or worried. Then they lay in bed tired and wired and call it insomnia.

I was the opposite. I tried to stay rested, to always have some downtime after every uptime and recoup, when I could have and should have powered through like it’s a work day. Because it is a work day, but with the privellage that I’m working exclusively for my health and my household. I don’t need to spread things out to better fill the time, I need to work half the day and relax half the day.

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