The Modified Running Season

I wasn’t planning on running Melissa’s Road Race in Banff this year. Last year my thinking was I don’t need to halfs on my schedule and Banff weekend always ends up being a 1500 hundred dollar weekend and, as I say a million times a year, that’s money we shouldn’t be spending.

But I realized today that with no Calgary Marathon, no Spartan Race, and maybe no Stampede Road Race in early June, and Melissa’s not til September it’s a good option again.

Other than that I still want to run the marathon distance at the end of May – and I should map out where I’m going to do that – and there’s a virtual marathon being hosted by Seth James DeMoor that I want to take part in but it’s 6 days away and I don’t feel half-marathon ready and don’t feel the need to log a 10k. What I might do is find a place where I can really run, no stop lights or too many pedestrians and try to PR my 10k though.

But the Melissa’s thing reminded me that not all racing is cancelled this year, just all my races and you know what, I’m not in shape for them anyway so a delayed season and some autumn races should do just fine.

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