Running With A Group & Running Solo

I was always a solo runner and quite proudly. I like my pace, my music, my aimless routes, my schedule.

I now teach running though so pretty obligated to run with a group and I tell you what… it’s fucking great.

I’ll never give up my solo runs but I’m really surprised at how much I love it and the reason why is it makes you feel close to people. Getting an endorphin rush on a beautiful day and talking about running – which is my truest passion right now – and I feel the emotional depth of years of friendship with people I met 6 weeks ago and see twice a week.

It has the additional benefit of getting me to slow down. I like to run hard, nay – I love to run hard. And that puts a lot of stress on the body and I’m always balancing the distance it’s smart to run with the distance I’d like to run. But slowing down to run with my sweet old ladies and my wine mom’s I get in a ton of distance with adding to my fatigue.

And then we get coffee after and it’s lovely.

Also, I occasionally get to hang with the other instructors and exchange tips and ideas and it’s great.

So that’s that. If you run solo give a thought to trying group and vice versa. But really the answer, like so many things in life, is do both.

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