Videos I Liked This Week

Discovered another fantastic prison YouTuber. She’s half totally normal white chick who loves cooking tips and sales & half train-wreck-life drug survivor. She had a baby IN PRISON, that’s a story I can’t hear anywhere in my normal life.


Just posting this because Blaire is trans and Blaire agrees with me.


Happy Halloween. I like videos about supernatural stuff that aren’t cynical but also aren’t mystical – I think it’s possible to be neither. Because neat stuff is real, it’s just not magic, but it is real, and spooky, but not magic. But that doesn’t make it not-neat. Just not supernatural. You idiot.


Now You Know.


I like this video because Arnold – one of the biggest movie stars of all time and an elected politician – talks about these roles like they’re just neat stuff he’s done. Like he has no ego and he’s reminiscing with buddies.


Two fitness history videos in a row by coincidence.


I like this video because she’s making it in response to people asking to look a certain way, to show that beauty trends will come and go so not to worry too much and be healthy and happy while you can.


This video 100% just for when he says Fight Or Flight turns your legs to Jello. Crisis hormones are actually fucking horrible. Last time I almost got in a fight I was aware intstantly of how weak I suddenly felt and I was like thanks body, that’s the opposite of everything I need right now, if you want to survive this you should be making me more stable not less. Dick.


And this because Sam Harris talks about it. “Traditional” martial arts and traditional anything need to get thrown up against non-complimentary opponents. Nothing should be sacred, if something is good – and idea or a fighting style or a recipe – it fearlessly be presented against challenges and it should win. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t.


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