Videos I Liked This Week

This is first because it’s what I’m listening to right now. Literally as I wrote this sentence. And possibly – but not guaranteed – when you read it.


And there’s a trailer for the final season of Bojack that came out an hour before I wrote this. I’m glad it’s the last season, I’ve been saying for a while that as enjoyable as the show is Bojack needs to get healthy or die because stories only have meaning because they have endings. If he circled forever then the underlying message that life isn’t like TV would be moot.


Since we’re still talking about entertainment and somewhat frivolous things – I obsessively watched all the video CaptainSauce did on this game. And I still think of myself as someone who hates “Gaming YouTube”


Okay, actually fitness stuff for a minute – one, I like this Sea Saw Press. And just the advice for getting a connection to your lower pecks, it’s a difficult area to feel when working out.


Now the much more important video. I want to say a lot and I want to say nothing at all. Like, it’s all there, she tells her story with complete sincerity. I guess what struck me was walking the line of building a better body to feel better actually working but also not solving underlying issues.

Fitness should be part of a recovery plan for literally everything but it’s bad if it’s your only plan for everything.


Followed by another body issue. It’s a topic I’d never thought about or even noticed until 3 years ago when a girl told me I wasn’t tall enough to date and we were the same height. I was confused because I’d never thought of myself as short or as tall. And she said it so obviously, like it was just clear as day – not like she wanted to date me and this was in her Cons column, this was complete ineligibility. I was shocked how much it hurt. And I was shocked that for weeks after I was suddenly aware and resentful of guys around me who were taller.

Like Shoe says, people are allowed to have preferences, people shouldn’t be shamed for things they can’t change, everybody is somebody’s type, people are more empathetic and people are more shallow than ever. All those things are true at once. It’s weird for me because I grew up in the 90’s when shallowness was a cultural death sentence and everything was supposed to be love conquers all. But then I watched admitting to shallowness be considered a brave, even deep, introspective thing and then it all gave way to the acceptance and encouragement of everything superficial once again. And it’s worse than ever before because if enough people treat the vapid as important and the vapid has consequences then the vapid is important. And I hate living in a world where the vapid important.


And then we’ll end with a video that really did make think with a smile “yeah, I do miss Li’l Jon…”

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