From Couch To Spartan Sprint – Exercise 5

Little Monday morning recap for you on the Friday Fitness, last week’s exercises were:

  1. Stay inspired
  2. Take your vitamins
  3. Learn what a Tabata is and do squats
  4. Get your pull up by doing pull-up negatives and dead hangs.


Now, I know you’re not done those things – you need to be practicing staying inspired just you’re practicing for pull ups – but at the risk of throwing too much at you too soon I’m going to keep on keepin’ on because this brings me joy.

Full disclosure I filmed everything for this week as the ideas came to me so the order of the prescription doesn’t matter anymore. Meaning if you can’t get an exercise that’s totally fine – don’t worry about linear progress – just dip into ideas as they suit you.

On to today’s video: Kettlebell Snatches


Explosive strength and teaching your whole body to work as one. Isolation movements are part of training but they’re not a skill, not for Spartan. The skill that we have to get into you – a skill being something difficult you can reliably do – is getting power from as many muscle sources as possible and turning that power into action on the course.

You should warm up with a few arm circles and a few clean & press but remember the secretly most important part is your legs. Really think about using your feet to drive the ground away from the kettlebell as you snatch.



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