Videos I Liked This Week

Exclamation marks makes things seem exciting!!!

Highest Priority: Rocko’s Modern Life. It sucks. Sucks hard. It’s the worst thing I’ve watched in years. And it’s Shoe’s fault that I watched it. Because I didn’t care at first, I loathe nostalgia, and wasn’t actually that big of a RML fan anyway. But then because of Shoe’s video I was curious how they handled having a trans character so I watched it.

And they handled having a trans character just fine. However they completely forgot to write a story that was the least bit funny or interesting. At all. It’s insultingly bad, I’d rather have been poked in the face for 45 minutes than watch that.

We followed it up with Invader Zim though and it’s fucking incredible. Exclamation mark worthy but… but I just can’t bring myself to use them.


On to something fitness related I asked the CP if I could try out their course for fun and they didn’t get back to me. But let’s be real… that course is baby town. Who could possibly fail it?


A woman with my sense of humour talks about grieving and re-marrying:


Oh this one struck me because – as a reader of a lot of self-development books – I see the con artist techniques here and there. But I won’t rant because the video speaks for itself quite well.


And then how I actually spend a lot of my time – watching All Obstacle videos with pleasant bumping soundtracks.



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