From Couch To Spartan Video Playlist

I’d never climbed a rope or thrown a spear before Spartan and it had been a long time since I jumped a fence.

Rope was my biggest worry because if I miss the rope climb it’s a sign of fitness whereas if I miss the spear throw it’s a little bit of skill and a lot of luck but I didn’t want to biff any obstacle obviously.

So Rope Climb:

I owe it to some exercises I figured out to simulate a rope climb that I’ll show you in the future but also to watching Crossfit all the time. I naturally learned to mimic the foot work and it super helps because it disperses your weight across your whole body not just your hands.

I hadn’t seen this particular video before hand but he shows the way I climbed in the first example.


This spear video I had seen and I like a lot of this dude’s videos.


This video isn’t the one I watched for wall jumps but I’m selecting it for it’s Crikey, I’m An Australian Bloke, Fellas hosting.


And while I successfully muscle’d up the earlier walls here’s a photo of my having failed to muscle up and catching myself with an elbow before getting the leg over. So be ready for that.

You can also see that I was chest deep in water prior to this obstacle.


[Australian accent] Alright… Happy Friday, Stay Fit, & Leave No Doubt.


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