Videos I Liked This Week

The week I got into Prison YouTube, I’ll do my best to spare the insane amount of videos I watched but man is it interesting…. Plus there’s still some Crossfit Games content trickling in and OCR stuff to watch.

So via another channel (Punk Rock MBA) I found Big Herc and his Fresh Out channel…


…Through that I found Wes Watson.


That’s just the most recent video because every one of his videos is like that. Terrifying. I might have mentioned it online but I was certainly talking about IRL that I’ve got motivational bullshit burn out. Everything, every book every tedtalk, is just so and so was fat and didn’t believe in themselves and then they did and now blah blah blah.

Having Wes Watson yell at you though? Yeah, I feel like working out, I feel like not making excuses because he might appear.

Okay let’s push a mental reset:


And talk a little OCR before we go on with the other intense stuff from this week.

I watched a bunch of obstacle tutorials and full-races but this obstacle just freaks me out, damn you Tough Mudder.


Followed by an interesting discussion of Closure. When the phrase Life Isn’t About Closure caught on I fucking hated it. People would just use it to say they don’t care about whatever difficult thing you’re going through.


Finally, Steve-O talking about one of my favourite subjects suicide and recovery. The fact that he talks about how after being clean for a while it’s actually much harder. Getting sober doesn’t solve your problems, it actually lets the problems you’ve been running from catch up to you and you have no coping mechanisms except getting wasted. That’s an important reality I think people need to know. Getting clean is the start of the hard part. The stories that we see spend 90% of the time glamorizing the decent then act like the decision to get clean was a revelation and everything changed from there.


Man, what a week of dark, bummer, videos. Sorry team.



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