Cardio Before Or After Weights – Or The Forgotten Third Way…

I wrote about cardio before weights last week and how I think is best however you decide to organize it but I neglected to mention something.

Cardio during weights. Imagine a gif of a mind blowing. I’m not going to look for one.

I was inspired by a Spartan Racer on YouTube (I’m watching a lot of Spartan stuff getting ready for my first one August 10) who said to get ready he started mixing shorter runs throughout his weight training. Genius!

So far I’ve tried it once and it’s awesome. I laid out 10 movements for a full body workout. Did it with light weight, medium weight, did a 5 mile run, then did it with heavy weights.

I figured that a full body work out before a run would help with a lot of form issues and I was right but there’s a risk of breaking down by the end if you went too hard. Also it prevents the first few miles from feeling like such hard work as you get up to speed.

Everyone who runs frequently knows the heart and lungs don’t mind working once they’re working – but they hate getting to work.

Now two things were noticeable about the work out after I got back from the run. One, I sweat more than I’ve ever sweat outside of a sauna. Two, it was not an uphill battle, it didn’t feel more taxing that if I hadn’t run.

Normally when I get home from a run I want to shower and eat – two things that really take me out of work out mode. So having too much of a work out left would probably feel defeating. But really I felt great.

Probably two factors; That my muscles were warmed up by the previous session and then kept warm but not taxed by the run so I was primed to lift heavy, and that this was a massive work out and I felt like a badass and all I had to do was bang out these last 10 movements I’d be champion of the day.

Sometime when I’m at the gym I want to try something like running a mile between each station of a work out. Like, run a mile, bench press, run a mile, squat rack, run a mile, pull ups, run a mile, candy machine, etc.

It’s all about that whole body adaption to stress, what can you really do strength-wise when your cardio is already taxed and vice versa. Because in any real life situation you don’t get to warm up or rest between efforts, life just happens – usually all at once and usually quite messy.

You wanna be ready you gotta leave no doubt.



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