Videos I Liked This Week

So first things first I’m training for Spartan Race.


Second things second. This KB workout, and this channel in general, are pretty good but his comment about workouts under 35 minutes boosting testosterone but not cortisol really got me thinking – I’ll look into it and maybe switch up how I operate. Especially since I want to switch to training multiple times a day while I’m home all day anyway.


For KB workouts though I really liked this guy’s channel for one specific reason – no intro. If I click a video titled 50 Kettle Bell Movements or 12 Leg Day Modification or whatever I don’t need the “Hey guys, today I’m gonna show you the blah blah blah” It’s the title of the video, I know what I’m here for.


This is in just because Jacob Hepner buffs himself with a car buffer. He literally buffs his muscles, you guys. I think this was a joke one time on Animaniacs.


And a long watch if you’re down for it. I love hearing comedians talk to other comedians, there’s this secret club and there’s a way they talk to each other that’s different than the way they talk to outsiders. And I love Iliza, I love and respect her insight into being a woman in this day and age. The comments on the video – unlike a lot of other videos about her I’ve watched – are overwhelmingly negative which backs up everything she’s saying about dudes being hateful, straight up hateful, for shitty reasons. They want to disregard who she is and what she says unless they can take a scalpel to it and create something they think makes her look back.


Plus I got her book so look forward to What I Read This Month on my other blog…


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