Why Your First Race Should Be A Half-Marathon

I ran my first 10k this year and it was great, loved it. Here’s my report on it if you hadn’t seen it.

Last year I ran three half-marathons and this year, before the 10, I ran my first full M. This runs contrary to the stories and even the advice of most people so naturally I’ll tell you why I’m objectively more right.

You may think that a 10k is a good place to start, or a 5k if you are a child. An actual child. You may think this because 10k is a ‘long’ distance that seems manageable. But I ask you – how can a distance really be long if it’s so manageable? You want one of those easy challenges you can do, Lisa?

I honestly think you should cover your first 10k in training and it should be no big deal – a deal still, but no big one. The first time I ran 10 was between work and playing an open mic and I rewarded myself with a Jugo Juice.

You may think that the 10k is the first step, in some obligatory way but the first step was buying the shoes and getting out the door. My point is you’ve already taken the baby steps, you’ve already done the challenges you know you can do. The half-marathon is long enough that, as a beginner, you can honestly say you don’t know what’s going to happen.

You have a chance to find and defeat your own limits and expectations. There’s going to be physical and emotional lows that you must endure.

In a 10k, the race is already almost over. You’re on the home stretch at the start. You’re not going to learn, you’re not going to grow. I don’t think it’s long enough that you make mistakes. And you have to at least risk making mistakes if you’re going to grow.

It’s fun, it’s super fun, I really liked my first 10k race – and it is a race, seconds count – but it’s not an endurance event.


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