How I’m Working Out On Staycation and a funny story about DOMS

House to myself all day most days for like two months, a home work out dream.

So what I’m doing for work outs is I write down ten movements and a number of reps for each. Estimating the weight of something based on the reps.

For Example

Then I’ll go through all ten movements in a circuit twice. And for the rest of the hour I’ll do whatever movements and body parts I’d realized I’d miss. Like if I noticed during the work out that I didn’t include anything rotational so I’ll do thirty Russian Twists or something.

And then I can eat, stretch, meditate, hot bath, cold shower, whatever recovery stuff then relax as much or as little as I want the rest of the day. Like I said, the dream.

The great thing about writing a work out down before hand is you’ll bite off a bit more than you can chew. Everybody’s brave on paper, right?

Now one thing that’s a downer is I only have a light mini-band. For running I need to do tons of hip exercises like Clamshells but with such a light band it’s boring as fuck doing things like 5 sets of 20 for each leg. So in a light bulb moment I said I’ll just do sets of 100, that’s guaranteed to make me feel something.

And so occasionally I’d do sets of 100 clamshells, each leg btw, and that put the number 100 in my head.

Cut to a Friday work out where I know I’m taking the weekend off running and training so I might as well make it a big one and I thought I’ll do a combo of very low rep, very heavy with some very high rep, very light stuff. And this work out was born.


I thought the heavy stuff would be the challenge and the light stuff would represent a break. And the first thing I learned is that lifting truly heavy is great cardio. If you’re only doing 3 of something you basically go as heavy as you can and when you lift something as heavy as you can you’re heart seems to think you’re being attacked.

But what was really interesting trying to come up with things to do a hundred of. And putting Flutter Kicks after Mountain Climbers turned out to be a huge mistake. I thought the climbers would be hard and then kicks would be a break but really they work the same muscle so I fried myself doing the climbers in one hard, unbroken set then couldn’t string together 20 kicks.

The calf raises were the most desperate move, I just couldn’t think of anything else and 100 calf raises sounded like a doable challenge. And they were. It is not hard to do a hundred calf raises.

That day.

Nothing else on that work out gave me any soreness but the next day my legs were like stilts. And anyone who’s had DOMS knows that day 2 or 3 is the peak so I was not stoked for what was to come.

Sure enough, I was crippled the whole weekend and even now – the following Wednesday – my calves hurt to the touch.

I did the heaviest over head press, the heaviest dumb bell bench press, the hardest weighted chin ups, I’ve ever done and what laid me out was body weight calf raises.

Just goes to show the challenge is where ever you find it.

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