Videos I Liked This Week

I didn’t do one last week because it was the first week of vacation, but don’t tell anyone…

So starting off with a great example of a quick, effective, anywhere work out. Like Jeff says in the video – lots of people think they don’t have the time, the equipment, the whatever to work out but really it’s an excuse. What they maybe don’t have is the knowledge, what movements to do and how to structure a work out so here you go.


Also, people might not know how to test themselves and their fitness or that testing is important. And girl’s got me beat on pull ups so now I have goal to test, thank you very much.


I’m still trying to find my perfect running form and the work outs that will help build it so here we go.


And getting away from work out stuff let’s talk depression! Hurray!

In this first video the bit about Isolating is what got to me. I’m a solitary person anyway but I can tell when I’m isolating for depressive reasons. Depressed people are horrible to be around, I tell myself, everyone will get sick of my shit and give up on me, I fully believe. I know that hanging out with people would be good for me but I don’t push myself to do it because I’ll just mope or be desperate or whatever and ruin things, better to be alone. I tell myself. Unhelpfully.


And why trying to brainwash myself out of depression makes it worse…


And just to end on a fun note; Blaire White settles the trans bathroom ‘debate’ with humour and rationality.


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