Half Marathon Results and Report

Time: 1:33:35 (first place was 1:15:22)

Place Overall: 20/329

Male Overall: 18/179

30-39 Category Place: 6/49

So on paper that’s a pretty good race. My best HM yet. Yet I’m not thrilled with it.

There were no highs or lows like this race last year but I felt like I was pulling my body along for the first 10k and the last 5.

There’s a misalignment in my running now, I don’t know where but last year I was just giving a solid effort at all times and digging deeper and deeper and always finding the reserves I was looking for.

Now part of me is always saying would you go! to another part which replies I am going! and the first says no, faster! and the second part replies I am going faster!

But the story of the race is really simple. Having learned my lesson I stayed behind the 90 minute pacer thinking I’d overtake her around the half-way mark and that did not happen. Her lead kept increasing and I was just not in my zone for the first quarter of the race, as usual.

I ended up trading back and forth with a black guy who had great form for just before the half to just before the finish. He slowed down up and down hills and at aid station so I’d get ahead and he’d overtake me on the straights. We hugged like super old friends at the finish line. This is a runner thing but I think concert-goers get it too, a pure unspoken camaraderie with a total stranger.

There was no dark tunnel this time. It’s cool running the exact same course as last year because I remember how I felt at K17 running over the exact same steps. It’s when I coined the term dark tunnel for myself and started believing that K17 is where the worst devils live.

Not so this year. I knew I was finishing strong…ish. I tried to dig deeper but my body was like no, we’re on budget and we’re not spending one cent over or under.

It’s a product of racing so much which was my stated goal from last year, to race more and take the bad edges off. I remember saying I need to race more so the pressure doesn’t shake me, the unexpected becomes expected… and that’s what’s happening.

Now I need to work on not being too professional, too organized. Get back to giving it all and digging deeper to break through and get into the white tunnel.

This race last year I came out the brutal despair when I saw the clock and still had time and I started pushing and things started going white but the line was right there and the clock was inching up to my PR and I could still make it… I crossed the line panting and babbling and high-fiving. It was amazing. I went from thinking I’d race once a year and this is awful to thinking I need to race again as soon as possible and as much as possible.

This year was like, k solid time, improvements marked, nutrition taken care of. And we were home 3 hours after we left and it’s like it wasn’t even a break from normal life.



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