Videos I Liked This Week

I get to cover a lot of channels that I really like this week so strap in. First up, Picturefit breaking down some shotty reporting like a pro.


Second Kurgesagt (after a wall the pronunciation will be second nature) having an honest discussion about how unhealthy meat is. It’s got me aiming to eat a little less red meat.


Since I’m shouting out channels I’ll put this one next even though I was going to end with it because it’s not fitness… but here’s Some More News sucking it up to talk Israel/Palestine


And since I’m off the topic of fitness here’s a video that will make you feel bad about your childhood. Because my childhood is a wound I pick at constantly and the internet helps me do it.


And finally, funly, I’m tuning up for Spartan Race so I watched a bunch of these type videos


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