Race Report: The 10k

20190615_091736Totally pumped all morning, moving weight, warming up, doing sprints at the start line, feeling like a psycho.

Then countdown, run, and I was like am I having a panic attack? Just instantly jelly legged and gasping hard.

All that psychoness evidently didn’t translate to confidence.

I settled into an uncomfortable but strong pace and soldiered on. I was like, this is almost over, it’s only ten k, I can see downtown from here no problem.

So I just rolled along thinking I might get 45 minutes and that’s okay.

Finally with 3k left I went thru an aid station, tried to drink some Gatorade and splashed it in my eye, but they were playing Tom Petty and it really perked me up, which was dope. I fell into the a good zone, started to push the pace and pick people off… making fun of one guy in particular thinking you probably listen to tiesto.

I was so in the zone and happy about that when I came around the corner and saw the clock at 41:something and I was like oh shit, the race!

I started the final big kick, just ripped across the line like a destroyer, I decelerated quickly to not wail into the people milling around but inside I thought that would be fantastic – just body check someone 80ft across Olympic Plaza and put all that force I just generated into something.

Official time 41:47. Better than my best in training which was 42:48. So even when I felt like I was struggling I was on pace and everything was objectively going great. Lesson learned: it takes 7k and a Gatorade to the face to get warmed up and in the zone.

Official place in the Sporting Life 10k June 15th 2019: 50th of 577.


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