Videos I Liked This Week

Thanks to Jeff Nippard I’ve found a new fitness YouTuber I enjoy. There was some mention of body issues last week and coincidentally this week there’s a ton. I think about it often though and I think it’s really important stay emotional stable – in fact I’d be brave enough to say that most of the time on the fitness path you should feel emotionally positive – and to treat feeling bad as a warning sign. Being hardcore, being productive, getting somewhere doesn’t mean feeling like shit all the time. Just like in endurance work outs you want to keep your heart rate in a certain range for a certain effect, you should do the same with your enjoyment-vs-suffering range and 80 percent of your work outs, and your meals, and how you feel about yourself should be enjoyable or you need to adjust something.


This video touches on the same thing but in a weirder way. I found it heart-breaking that Steph is worried people won’t like her if she loses her six-pack. When you’re model-hot and YouTube famous the pressure to be perfect, and to always remain perfect, is clearly brutal. You can see that by gaining ten pounds she feels like she letting a lot of people down and she needs to inoculate them and herself against the disappointment, and just like the Buff Dudes video last week there’s no way of explaining the skewed perspective except to just know it’s there. Like, she’s still – and probably always will be – one of the most fit and gorgeous woman on the planet, not to mention she has a PhD and is clearly brilliant and seems super nice, but that just makes her more afraid and more aware of any perceived change.

If there’s a takeaway it’s that there is joy in obscurity.


And a video about how decent form is more important than challenge-stunts.

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