Videos I Liked This Week

I’m going throw this one in first because it’s just a quick little thing that bothers me. Haley is clearly unconscious and possibly in medical danger and there’s no reason for the announcers to weirdly deny that and try to convince the watching audience that this is situation normal. Part of me is worried for her and part of me is like, hardcore girl.


I’ve been into the research on long runs and health for a few weeks now, as a watcher of this post would know, and I like that Run Experience got into it. Especially the helpful bit that your long run should be 10% of your weekly mileage, not just one big blow out. Which I’m guilty of, because you gotta be hardcore.


Keeping the running going I watched a garbage bag worth of Ben Parkes videos this week. I picked this one ’cause I think it’s the one where he pukes in the bushes. Gotta be hardcore.


A video supporting my previous suggestion that everyone should take creatine and helpfully solving the 2g or 5g problem I’ve been having.


And finally, this family is selling their house…


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