Running Update: The Trials Of Running 18kph

I did it for one minute.

I set the treadmill to 18kph thinking let’s see if I can get to three minutes and instantly was like let’s just hope for one.

It was an ambitious test, I’m doing my intervals at 16.5kph and it’s the right amount of strenuous. I’ll do six intervals of four minutes on four minutes off at that pace and call it a work out.

At the even faster pace I might do an intervals like 30 seconds on 2 minutes off. The belt on a treadmill takes 20 seconds to get up to speed so I’d have to get it going, stand on the sides, hop on, watch 30 seconds, hop off, slow it down. A tedious process and why I’ve avoided doing really short intervals thus far.

It makes me think that when the weather is runnable again I should do some acceleration work, just practice going from still to race pace at my own tempo rather than the glacial pace of the mill.

In marathon news: it’s 3 weeks away and this weekend will be my last long long run, then the taper begins. I’ll reduce the number of intervals I do and other than that I don’t know what else to do to taper. I’d like to get in a few more saunas and even a massage before the race I know that. And before every previous race I’ve cut caffeine for the week leading up so that it’s nice and effective on race day.

What I’ve read lately is that you want to be doing race-level efforts every three days in the taper. So maybe 10k at 14kph on Wednesdays and weekends is what I’ll do. But I’m just gonna play it by ear, keep doing tabatas on the air bike and use that to check if I’m recovered or not.

Okay, 23 days remaining…

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