The 61k Run For Water Here In Calgary

I just learned about it the other day and I find it quite alluring. I can’t do it this year but I’m already half-decided to do it next year.

I haven’t even run a marathon yet but I’m eager to bite off an Ultra, and not even a mere 50K. And I think it’s just because of the odd number. I was planning on doing a 50K next year because but I wasn’t excited, I don’t feel enticed to run 50K.

And I don’t feel enticed to run anything super long either. Not currently at least. A friend (the same friend who mentioned he was thinking about running the half marathon last year then didn’t sign up when I did) mentioned there’s 100 mile mountain races in Lethbridge and in The Rockies but I have no desire to run them. I actually don’t have much desire to mountainous running. I mean, Melissa’s Road Race in Banff is a great view of the mountains but the race itself is the asphalt path around a golf course.

Local races A) are really convenient, and B) feel like a celebration of the city. When it comes to nature I’ll hike.

I’ve got a lot to learn about Ultra running before then though. I know nothing of fueling and I’m bad at running slow. I think 61K might be a distance where it’s good to change your socks too.

You know what though I gotta let next year be next year. I’m sure part of this is merely a way to replace nerves about the upcoming race with excitement about something far off. Something I can train for with all the time in the world and imagine being my best self for. Not something 27 days away for which I’m basically as ready as I’m going to be, which feels like 6 out of 10.

Ah well, it’s time to go run right now as a matter of fact.

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