Videos I Liked This Week

Self-diagnosis hurray. Seriously though I love finding out the connections of the human body and how things manifest in different areas.

Thomas here makes one of the most important points in the field and it’s something me and Jay talk about every time, start incrementally. If you don’t read everyday, don’t think you’re going to suddenly read two hours a day. You’ll do it excitedly once or twice then fall off. Go for 15 minutes.

What I think happens is people look at the early steps of a process and think they could do it so they consider it done and then start actually doing stuff from the middle of the process where it gets challenging. Problem being you’re setting yourself up to go into a challenge unprepared.

An example to clarify: Most running programs start with two miles. Someone looks at that and thinks I can already run two miles so I won’t bother with that one and start at week four where it’s 6 miles. Then they hurt themselves or just quit because it’s hard. It seems dumbly obvious but the most important thing is to make step one step one, don’t make step one figuring out which steps you’re going to skip.


This video is mostly just fun. She does nail that sense at the end of a run that mile markers are getting further apart though and the deepening dislike you feel for a race until you can see the finish line and then the heights of love for it. And that math is hard.


Because I, like everyone, struggle with going slow. It’s nice to get a ballpark heart rate and duration for what constitutes a recovery work out.


And this. Because I made it for fun.




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