Marathon Training 5 Weeks Out

I feel like the importantest thing right now is staying in a routine. Routine builds confidence and confidence stops one from overtraining. We’re in the tunnel now, don’t do anything crazy because you’re worried you’re not ready.

Time to switch to morning running. I got up yesterday, Sunday, at 5:30 to eat a race day breakfast and get out the door. I might do this more than once a week but certainly every Sunday from now til race day. Which is four. Four Sundays to go.

Funny thing, I realize I live like a cat. Most active at sunrise and sunset then sleeping and snacking during the course of the day. I’ll take any minute of sleep I can get, I have 11 weekly workouts, hell I take any excuse to sit down that I can get.

And to eat. Jon, who’s a 6’4 bean pole, was talking about cutting weight til race day and I’m eating everything in sight. Then again he’s trying to get down to twenty pounds heavier than me. The guy must have steel pipes for bones. He looks like he should be weighed in grams. He’s so skinny he looks like he wouldn’t displace water.

We’re still trying to figure out where to go for brunch after the race. I want to get the runners (me, Jon, and Jess, and formerly Tyson but he’s out of town now) and the secular people together for beers and refeed after but where? Where?

I just had the fantasy of putting the reservation under Pheidippides (which I first tried to spell as Fyedipides, instantly showing what a dumb idea this is) but that did get me thinking we should go for Greek food.

But before then it’s time to push pretty hard while staying on-plan so that the taper actually does something.


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