Videos I Liked This Week

I’m going to start with the video I’m watching right now, trusting it’ll be great because it’s featuring the authors of one my absolute-recommended books Brave Athlete.


Now I’m putting this next video up top because it’s the greatest thing in all history and forever. Civilization is complete, we’ve achieved our great work and this is it.


There’s tons of Boston Marathon stuff coming across my desk right now (The run is tomorrow) and of course although I never wanted to go until I watched all these videos (I watched like a dozen but I’ll spare you most of them) and now it’s bucket list.


I love thinking about Maslow’s Hierarchy and I used to think that the secret to a great life was inverting it – sacrificing everything on the lower levels to chase your dreams but of course I was wrong. Attacking something big from a position of no stability is a recipe for injury. In lifting as in life, that’s my great new motto.


And possibly related to all that youthful instability I mentioned, here’s a great video on the signs and pitfalls of conflating infatuation and love. Oh lordy the sighs this dragged up… I was going to say show your children but I don’t know if you could teach this to someone who hadn’t gone through it though. Wisdom is wasted on the old.


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