Weight-loss Grants Are Dumb And Such A Good Idea

Because no one but worker bees listens to the radio anymore you might not have heard the ads for Weight-Loss Grants but they’re close to what they sound like. It’s actually a company that will rebate you some money for losing weight on any program you want and some more money if you lose that weight with one of their approved companies.

So yeah they’re meh.

I like the idea though. The money and time cost of being sick later because of being overweight will always be more than the investment of getting and staying healthy. From a government or a companies point of view it’s better to invest a thousand dollars while you’re living than ten thousand dollars when you’re dying.

From a private company point of view maybe something like a Marathon Bonus and for the government a Marathon Tax Credit to reward and incentivize a running population.

The company I work for will subsidize the cost of a gym membership 100% for some level of employees but that just makes it a take-it-or-leave-it thing, what if they also had a No-Sick-Days bonus or a Can-Dead-Lift-The-Most-In-The-Office incentive to make people want to go to the gym?

I’m trying to think of a way to incentivize good eating but it’s all analogous to drug testing and that’s a slippery slope I don’t want to come down on.

Where I work there’s a struggle to keep people sober before big days but there’s no effort to get them to not eat crap everyday that makes them sick. In fact trying to be healthy at my workplace is a hard swim upstream (so kudos to all my peeps bringing their own lunches and stuff).

At the end of the day I don’t think most people know what it feels like to live clean, even slightly. They think of fitness in terms of wanting to be thin and sexy but it being too much work and that’s that. When really being thin and sexy is one of the last of a million benefits you’ll notice with a few minor changes and some time. People think they feel as good as they’re going to because they’re always acquiescing to their cravings. But some incentives could get them on the slippery slope, get the dopamine flowing in the right direction, and we’d all be better off even if economics was all you cared about.

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