Videos I Liked This Week

I drink ACV and honey before bed for better sleep so including a shot of it on a fasting day wouldn’t be too hard.



Just a reminder to scan yourself, to be mindful, when running. Don’t zone out, zone in.


Okay this where it gets real. I’m generally against wearables, I think they’re a con convincing people that the money and time they spent is taking the place of discipline and effort.

But I’m also deeply interesting in recovery because I go on very long runs and might be in the hole for a week after yet feeling guilty for not running that week, and I’m really interested in how my physically demanding job is effecting work outs and recovery. Some days my job is active rest, some days it’s a tabata, and there have been days where I’ve felt the same as days I’ve run a half marathon. I’d like an objective sign when work has been hard enough that I should take it easy just so I know I’m not making excuses.

What to do, what to do…


and a great April fools video from Jeff’s alter-ego. I was amused the whole time but the line like “This is true for dumb bell curls, barbell curls, cable curls, all the exercises you can think of…” really cracked me.


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