The Day After Fasting Again


The key to avoiding crashy, mental and physical fatigue the day after a fast is to fast longer.

When I fasted for 24 hours, ate, and went to bed full I felt like crap the next day. When I fasted for 36 hours, going to bed still fasting, I felt perky and rejuvenated the next day.

The next thing to watch out for, and everyone online has talked about this too, is eating too much and too permissively the day after.

Your sense of smell and your cravings for everything are unnaturally the day after fasting and it’s kind of fun, you feel like celebrating. I was doing great, eating paleo and slightly more than normal until there was pizza in the staff room left over from catering. I had one and then just started wolfing.

My tummy… did not like. But I burped enough and felt better. The real trouble was after I had a jugo juice and came home and had a protein shake. Then my stomach went full rebellion.

But it also passed and I had some dinner and went to bed.

I’m going to try moving my fast day throughout the week. I love getting everything done on Monday in order to have a strong week but fasting seems to throw off the building blocks, like it’s Wednesday now and I feel like everything is settled and normal and the week can start.

Friday might be a good day, everything’s easier when you can see the end and it’ll cut down on weekend indulgences. And I really don’t think any mid-week day is ideal but I’ll give it a shot just for something to do.

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