A Successful Day Of Fasting

Dinner Sunday to Breakfast Tuesday.

The motivation to pull it off came from reading The Longevity Paradox, in it Dr. Gundry wants you to (at least) skip dinner once a week and go to sleep hungry for your brain.

And I suspect that feeling like crap last Tuesday had something to do with fasting for 24 hours then going to sleep full last Monday.

I did notice that I slept deeper and had more vivid dreams last night.

Another thing I know about calorie restriction is it decreases your Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (or NEAT, what a cool little acronym), which is how much you naturally move around without really thinking about it. I was stock still yesterday, normally I’m looking around a lot, normally I toss and turn in bed, and I was a corpse yesterday.

Weird thing is you get a lot done. I had no urge to relax, I never felt sleepy. I actually felt wired up and edgy underneath a zombie fog. It’s hard to capture, but I can see why there’s a relationship between fasting and psychedelic experiences.

The entire day rushed by and yet each moment felt long, so I guess fasting makes you more present. Even if that presence is coming from just scanning yourself for the effects of fasting.

We’ll see how today and the remainder of the week feel but I already wonder about wisdom of doing this every week – I wasn’t really who I like to be yesterday evening. My lighthouse is that all the health stuff I do has to be mood boosting, there’s no point in battling depression with diet and exercise if you’re going to commit to things that mimic depression.

We all have terrible notions of purity that motivate us to feel bad if we’re not doing things all the way. Like ‘just’ being low-carb makes you a pussy and you ‘should’ go full keto in order to be legit. But I need to hold onto my lighthouse and acknowledge that going to keto increased my emotional volatility. Giving up fruit brought back that sense of panic and doom that I used to think was the normal background noise of my life and during that week I was aware of the thought I shouldn’t be taking this risk.

With fasting it’s not quite that. I have a sense that maybe this is too far for my emotional well-being but we’ll have to see. Either way we’ll have left no doubt, we got in there and looked at what it was really like rather than assuming.

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