Running Update: I better than did it you guys


So just to start at the ending; my goal of covering the half marathon distance in 90 minutes is complete! After months of struggling to get to 20 I blew it out and hit 21.

Funny thing is it felt like a horrible run. So you might recall my last run update was St. Patrick’s Day. I’d had a good day, was in a good mood, had tons of sugar, and hit the treadmill like a boss doing two 10k intervals at 14.5kph feeling good.

This day I thought I’d outrun a low mood, on a bad day, at the end (hopefully) of two rough weeks and it was awful the whole time. I went out of the gate at 14kph and was struggling, I slowed down at 10k as planned for some water and picked it back up gradually to 14.5, plus doing a few k at 15 to build a buffer, and struggled hard, just fighting and dying, the whole rest of the way. On the way out of the gym 3 people commented on how rough I looked. But I was happy.

So onto goals like like doing 3 10k intervals, 2 90 minute intervals, and the shorter intervals stuff like finding my max pace for 2 on 2 off. As well as doing 21 in 90 at an unbroken pace. Excelsior.


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