Still learning about fasting

I guess it’s fasting week on the blog people.

So after a 24 hour fast on Monday I noticed I felt like crap on Tuesday. I didn’t do much to refeed and get all my nutrients and chalked it up to that.

Some googling of course revealed that many people have had the issue of feeling fatigued the day after a fast (and that many many many people write blogs and forums about intermittent fasting) but no one really knows why.

Apparently one adjusts though. Dehydration, poor sleep, and carb withdrawal are the suspected culprits but I also wonder if it’s central nervous system fatigue.

Fasting is a bodily stressor you’re stacking on top of all the other stressors of a day like exercise and being around too many humans. So it makes sense to feel burned out the next day. Besides a wide range of recovery foods, meditation could be the answer.

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