Strength Training And Fasting

I remarked kind of sarcastically yesterday that I’d post an update about how fasting-Monday and getting-my-bench-press-strength-training-out-of-the-way-Monday interacted and you know what? Went Great.

Benching Monday morning on an empty stomach felt great compared to benching Friday evening. I was instantly stoked to do it again.

Then I got to work and banged out all my weekly stuff plus some additional office work and meetings, went for a swim, came home spent the evening with Liv, and ate my only meal of the day at 8pm for 24 total hours of fasting.

In the swim I felt weaker than baseline, each lap seemed to take a harder toll and require more recovery but I did break through into feeling good and did cover the same amount of laps.

The difficult part of fasting is the evenings. I know some people would imagine it’s running around all day but honestly it’s so much better being fasted. Food is really just a distraction and an excuse throughout the day. If you don’t start the blood-sugar roller coaster then you don’t suffer the blood sugar roller coaster. But in the evenings I get thinking about how I should eat before bed and won’t have time for a big breakfast the next day and Liv already made dinner and fast broken.

So expect another update Monday or Tuesday about benching fasted, if the higher numbers wreck me or if I’ve adapted.


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