The Rest Week That Wasn’t Restful

Well it’s Friday and the cold I started getting last Friday hasn’t completely abated. I feel 90% recovered but not rejuvenated. I guess it proves that not-exercising isn’t the key to feeling good. I focused exclusively on resting everyday and I got back close-to-baseline right away – I said on Tuesday that I felt 70% recovered – but like in all things the gains became marginal after that.

And weirdly my legs never stopped being sore. Maybe it’s my shoes or just the amount of movement I get at work but they never loosened up – I can feel my hamstrings right now.

So now I feel annoyed that I didn’t do anything but who’s to say that I’d feel as unsick as I do now if I had done something? Most of the time I felt too exhausted to do mental work and physical work made me instantly tired. Like, I did six pull ups yesterday and it was so much more depleting and taxing than ever before that I thought fuck it, I’ll wait.

I guess this is a test of patience and like any patience test it went longer than expected. I was prepared and even excited to take three days off and when it turned into five I’m now annoyed as shit.

As I struggle to write anything now at 6am I keep thinking I should go to work early and bench press. A bike tabata, bench, and a long run that would – according to my expectations – hit the spot.

I’ll update this after work and let my current self know how it turns out…


11 Hours, 40some Minutes Later:

Well that sucked. Good day at work then hit the gym for a tabata (felt awful), bench program (felt awful), a 15 minute 12kph run (which felt awful), and then I didn’t go play squash even though I brought my racket saying I’d play if I ran into someone from the group and I did run into someone from the group but I just felt, you know, awful.

The Tabata was my best yet though. Being a bit fun-petitive, Jon and I are posting our total calories and watts on the air bike’s tabata program to the squash group hoping to lure in the other guys. My cals and watts were 51 and 1028, still below Jon’s best 58 and 11something.

And that’s the update. This post had five views in those 11plus hours so maybe they’ll see this, maybe they won’t, but for me the loop is closed. Hurray.

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